Another New Date Survey

Another Postponement of our 50th Class Reunion

The committee has thought long and hard and have made the decision to postpone our reunion once again.  August 22nd is just two months away, and we believe that most of us would still be uncomfortable attending a large function at that time.  We could no longer have the buffet, there is now a capacity issue and there are many other challenges that would have made the event not what we wanted it to be. We also want to give ample time to cancel any travel plans or hotel reservations some of you have possibly made.

We have recently confirmed a third date, that should be far enough off that all of this mess will be behind us.  May 1, 2021 has been secured.  For now, we don’t think the costs will change, but if they should, we may have to ask for a small supplement.  We can hold on to the money of those already registered or we can give refunds if you don’t think you will make that date.  The good news is you have several more months to lose those extra pounds you swore you would lose!  Much like the Freshman 15, the Corona-19 has wreaked havoc on some of us!

So what we would like you to do now is give us your thoughts.  Below are a few survey questions for you to answer, as well as a space for further input.  The survey is for everyone: those who are currently registered and those who have not yet committed to attend.  We need everyone to complete the survey as soon as possible so that we can continue to plan to make this reunion happen and be the greatest one yet!


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1)   If you are currently registered, will you still attend on May 1st, 2021?

Yes No
2)   If you registered with a guest, will your guest still come?

3)   If you are currently registered:

4)   If you are not currently registered, do you plan on registering and attending the reunion?

5)   If so, will you be bringing a guest?

6)   If there is still a function on Friday night, will you plan to attend that gathering?

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7)   Please leave any comments