50th Reunion "About You" Survey

Just the Facts

This survey is for us to gather facts/statistics about our class, so please submit (even if you are not planning on attending the reunion) by March 31, 2020 so we can tally up and deliver at the 50th reunion.  The results will also be displayed on this website.  This is strictly confidential and no names will be given - just the facts!

If a question doesn't apply to you, just put NA.  Thanks.


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1)   Are you attending the reunion?

Yes No
2)   What state do you currently live in?

3)   How many miles will you be traveling to the reunion if not currently living in Jacksonville?

4)   If married, how many years?

5)   Are you married to a former Wolfson graduate or classmate?

Yes No
6)   If yes, to question 5, what is your spouse's name and year he/she graduated?

7)   How many children do you have?

8)   How many grandchildren do you have?

9)   Are you retired?

Yes No
10)   What type of career were/are you in?

11)   Did you attend any of the other Wolfson reunions? Click on all of the ones you attended.

  10 Year Reunion
  15 Year Reunion
  20 Year Reunion
  30 Year Reunion
  40 Year Reunion
  65th Birthday Party
  I have not attended any other reunion
12)   Did you serve in the military?

Yes No
13)   If so, what branch did you serve?