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Mary Ann Sutton (Hall)

Mary Ann Sutton (Hall)

March 5, 2004 - August 31, 2004

Mary A. Sutton-Hall a resident of 801 West 4th St. Apt. # 906 passed away August 31, 2004. She was a member of Zarephath Apostolic Ministries, 1028 E. 10th St., Pastor Brandt. Funeral Service will be held SATURDAY at 10:00 A.M. at her Church. The cortege will assemble at 2548 Mitchell Place at 9:15 a.m. Mrs. Hall will rest in the mortuary for visitation of friends on Friday (Today) from 5:00-9:00 p.m. and in the Church on Saturday from 8:30 a.m. until the hour of service. Interment in Edgewood Cemetery. Arrangements By: JAMES GRAHAM MORTUARY,INC. 3631 Moncrief Rd.

Published in the Florida Times-Union on Sept. 10, 2004

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04/02/11 12:22 AM #1    

Gwendolyn Elouise [Gwen] Butler

Q u i e t l y.

She just sat quietly during  Mr. Whitfield's Junior History class.

Suddenly one morning she accused a blonde girl for 'stealing' her hairstyle.

 [I thought that a bit odd - every girl, black  and white were rolling their hair for tight curls then.]


The most words I remember coming from Sutton was when Bruce Smith ran for Christmas King.

She happened to be visiting my homeroom when Mrs. Epps handed me a ballot to vote for my choice.  I had just marked my ballot when Sutton stepped near and began inquiring about my  candidate.

She immediately fumed, grabbed my ballot, ERASED David's name, and personally marked Bruce's! Some sort of loyalty to her race.

Now,I was not an argumentive teen; neither was I very verbal/ I did not take time to explain:: It wasn't about skin color you idiot!-  David had shown the negro kids sooo much respect, I felt this was a manner to show "Thanks" and " Great Appreciation"  for his kindness since Fall of 1967.

To add salt to my wound, Sutton came up to me at Lunch just as I sat at a table and asked if i changed that 'name' : I shyly shook my head 'no'.  She replied "You better not!"

Patricia Bronson was accompanying her began yelling at me "You ain't right- You ain't right"         ( by now my appetite is gone- at  the harsh words I kept yelling AH Though feeling totally humiliated at this point.  Knowing she had an easy target, Bronson yelled back as she walked away:"AH nothing! "You ain't right"


Naturally, this ruined my day.  Yet months afterwards, both were polite and respectful.


In summer 1974, my ran into Sutton  downtown, when shopping was prevalent there- she just looked at me and spoke  softly, and kept stepping. 

Quiet again. 

Hopefully in death, she's found peace.   Realizing color is irrelevant.

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