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William Clark [Billy] Sheppard

William Clark [Billy] Sheppard

December 8, 1951 - August 16, 1994

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09/15/09 03:13 PM #1    

Ron Ferreira

Billy was a real funny guy kind of wild but good hearted. Sorry to find that he has passed.

09/15/09 10:47 PM #2    

Lawrence Archibald [Larry] Scafuti

Does anyone know Bill's cause and/or date of death? I really hate the fact that he passed away; I had heard that some years ago, but I had hoped that I was wrong. I remember him most clearly from years ago when he and I were in Mrs. Winton's fourth-grade class at Loretto; I remember that his hair was quite short then (perhaps even a crewcut?), and wondering whether or not he were related to the astronaut Alan Sheppard. Of course, in high school his hair was much longer. I think that he might have even been a little mischievous back then. Anyway, I was hoping to see him at the reunion; it will be a much more melancholy affair without his presence. RIP, my friend, RIP.

09/17/09 02:10 AM #3    

Robert David Herndon

I beleive Billy died suddenly of a heart attack a few years ago

10/17/09 09:43 PM #4    

Tom Jennings Collins

I could not agree more - I remember playing JY Football with that "wild man" and he was so energetic - both Billy and I coached our daughters on a girls softball team together around 1990 and had a great time - he was one of a kind!!!!

"Country" Tom Collins

11/20/09 12:04 AM #5    

Warren Lee Popwell

Always enjoyed Billy, he had a way about him to enjoy whatever he was doing and make it fun for you too.
Agree with country Tom that there was only one Billy Sheppard!

01/03/10 02:01 AM #6    

Lawrence Archibald [Larry] Scafuti

Robert, I really do appreciate the update. Sometimes you hear things and, when you don't hear any confirmation about them for years, you think that maybe it was just a bad dream. Having seen his name on the list, having heard from Kathy Shad Canto, and now yourself, I guess that it just leaves me with more questions than answers. If I could have accomplished just a little bit of what Billy must have done in his lifetime...

03/09/10 04:39 PM #7    

Sherri Lee Wildstein

What a great guy Billy was. He had a great personality,
lived life to its fullest. Knew how to have a good time.
Another classmates taken from us to soon.

06/03/10 06:08 PM #8    

Claire Winifred Naughton (Howard)

I walked with Billy in Graduation.  He was always a nice guy.  So glad I got the chance to see him coaching his little girl's softball team years later, so vibrant and clean cut.  Heard he came in from running one afternoon, just sat down in his livig room and had a heart attack ):

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