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Fannie Newman

Fannie Newman

September 7, 1952 - April 25, 2004

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03/21/10 08:53 PM #1    

Janet Elaine Jones (Scott)

I remember Fannie in Miss Breed's gym class! She was very smart and very sweet. Does anyone know what happened to her?

03/22/10 01:24 PM #2    

Brian Ross Klepper

Fannie had kidney failure when she was in her early 20s, I believe. She had a very difficult life medically after that, including several operations and other procedures.

In July 2002 I unexpectedly had cardiac problems that led, over the course of a few days, to open heart surgery. By a startling coincidence Fannie called me the night before my cardiac catheterization. She was in town on a family matter and just called to catch up. I was quite frightened at the time, and remember whining to her. She was very soothing and talked me through it.

I realized that what Fannie had been through was many, many times worse than anything I had experienced, but that her courage in the face of her own adversity allowed me to face my own fear.

That was the last time we spoke. She died shortly afterward, and I've always felt deep gratitude for her tremendous humanity at a time when I was very low. Fannie Newman was one of those rare and wonderful people who rose above her own adversity to become truly extraordinary. I think of her often.

06/07/10 12:47 PM #3    

Janet Elaine Jones (Scott)

Brian...thank you for your acknowledgement of my email...I appreciate your information on Fannie...and so very sorry that you had to go through such a hard time yourself.  I know several close friends that are still, what I would term "very young" and have been through heart problems of all being the husband of Susan Lantz.  Her husband Bobby was a long time friend of mine from way back and he had bypass surgery in, I think, his early 30's!  I know Susan hasn't acknowledged the reunion notices and I don't know her email, but she was a great friend to many at Wolfson.  Take care, Janet Jones Scott 

07/23/10 01:10 AM #4    

Joyce Ann Romanus

Fannie was my Civinette secret sister senior year.  She put a do-it-yourself- birthday party in my locker: a box containg a cupcake, a party hat and a noise maker.  The only problem was that my dad went into the hospital on my birthday and I missed several days of school. Fannie had to go in and retrieve the cupcake before it molded! All of her creativity went to waste but I have always remembered that's how I found out she was my secret sister and exactly how she looked after all of that effort. 

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