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Willard McNeil, Jr

Willard McNeil, Jr

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Gwendolyn Elouise [Gwen] Butler

  Willard::: (1952 - 1997 )


Neat as a pin

Cute as a button.

 Smart as a whip

Funny as can be

He loved imitating Mr. Schell, eight grade Science teacher:  Mr. S  looked similar, but very chubby.   Willard had great reverence for both Science and  Math (including Algebra and Geometry).  Teachers adored him . 

In freshman Spanish class, we were learning a new song , Las Mananitas. 

The girls were directed to march around singing:

Estas son las mananitas

que cantaba el rey David

Hoy por ser de tu santo

te las cantamos aqui.

Then as we sprang into the next stanza we danced with great livliness:

Despierta mi bien despierta

Mira que ya amanecio

Ya los pajaaritos cantan

La luna ya se metio.

Then the boys were directed to begin following us as the beautiful song flowed:.

Que linda esta la manana

En que vengo a saludarte

Venimos todos con gusto

Y placer a felicitarte!

El dia en que tu naciste,

Nacieron todas las flores

Ya viene amaneciendo

Ya la luz del dia nos dio.

I looked around, and Willard had actually slipped on an oversized sombero and began slouchingly slowly strolling  along as if he's in sunny Mexico!

Too funny!     He  (and  Bruce Smith) kept the homeroom in sitches!

His close, unwavering  friendship with Micheal White and Hampton Bailey was  an inspiration to all!

The Fall of '64, I looked forward to a fresh, crisp  junior high school adventure. Assigned to the excelerated 7-3 homeroom, was very impressed with my new fellow prodigy classmates.

Upon graduation, I seeked him out to sign my annual, though we shared no classes at Wolfson.

Willard stood out.   He was a great pleasure to know. He will always be deeply missed.

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