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07/08/17 04:16 PM #83    

Lynn Milbourne (Fusilier)

Sorry I will not be able to get to Jacksonville that week.  I will miss you all.  Have fun for me.  I hope to see you at some later time!

Lynn Milbourne Fusilier

07/10/17 02:37 PM #84    

Pamela Davis (Browning)

Hello!  My apologies for responding so late to the 65th gig!  Calendar has been crazy with travel and now wedding plans for my son, James!  I look forward to seeing everyone and of course helping with setup Janet.

September is just around the corner!




07/11/17 12:57 PM #85    


David Wolfson (Wolfson)

Susanne Elizabeth Vanzant Hassell passed away last week in Knoxville.  She was born in 1951 to James Edward Vanzant and Mary Frances Keirn Vanzant of Johnson City, Tennessee. She went home on July 7, 2017.  

Married to Dr. David Hassell for 38 years, Susanne leaves behind their three children who love God: Jonathan David (Georganne), Sarah Elizabeth Carmichael (Brian), and Paul Franklin (Nora). 

She is also survived by her mother, Mary Frances Vanzant, her aunt, Elizabeth Ann Keirn, her sister Nancy Vanzant Goodrum (Brad), as well as four grandchildren whose curiosity and wonder deepened her own: Cannon and Townsend Carmichael and Flora and Wilden Hassell. 

Susanne’s education sharpened her vocation. She earned a Doctorate of Ministry and a diploma in the Art of Spiritual Direction from San Francisco Theological Seminary, as well as a certificate of Spiritual Formation from Columbia Theological Seminary. She also earned a Master of Science degree in Child Development and Family Relations and a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services from the University of Tennessee. Most people never would have guessed that Susanne had so many degrees. She did not draw attention to herself or her accomplishments. The humility she inherited from Jesus prevented that. She used her degrees not as a badge of honor but as tools to enrich the lives of everyone she came in contact with.

Susanne lived what she believed, and always knew she was a pilgrim. This world was not her home, and she spent hundreds of hours walking, praying, and listening, drawing ever closer to God in her pilgrim walk. Whether leading spiritual retreats or founding the Order of St. Brigit, she spent thousands of hours inviting other pilgrims into encounters with the living God. 

Many students, now grown, will remember the feasts and love Susanne provided. They will remember the sincerity of her hospitality and the depth of her kindness. She was a mother and friend to many. Through her loving support of Young Life, Knoxville Fellows and Creative Memories among others, she gently reminded you to trust God’s covenant promises and to invite the Lord to build your house.

Susanne spent the final days of her battle with multiple myeloma giving thanks, giving things away, and sowing her faith like the wildflowers she loved. She trusted in God’s unfailing love. She lived well, and she finished better.

Susanne’s Memorial Service will take place at 4pm Thursday, July 13 at Sequoyah Hills Presbyterian Church. It will be followed by a joyful Celebration in honor of her life at a location near her home to be announced.

Susanne said, “Contrary to what many advise, you can never have enough flowers!” She would love if you provide wildflowers or flowers from your garden. But any and all flowers are welcome and may be sent or brought to her home prior to the service: 8420 Nubbin Ridge, Knoxville, TN 37923 (After the service, flowers will be donated to Random Acts of Flowers).

Dress cheerfully.

07/11/17 02:56 PM #86    

Karen Baumgarten (Sher)

Just saw David's posting of the obituary of our classmate Susanne Elizabeth Vanzant Hassell. I am so sad to read of her passing. It is clear that Susanne was the kind of person who made the world a better place. Am not yet sure whether I will be in Jacksonville for the party, but I am certainly considering the possibility.  Hope I can let you know in August.  It's a wonderful idea.  I was in town for a friend's birthday the first weekend in July and was thrilled to run into Arlene Dittman Shwartz.  Those of you Arlene-fans will be happy to know she is as beautiful and sweet as ever.

07/12/17 11:43 AM #87    

Dale Kelly

Thank you, David. Susie was a special friend to many and she will be missed.

07/13/17 11:07 AM #88    


David Wolfson (Wolfson)

Karen Baumgarten (Sher)  I hope you and Leopold will be able to come to the get together!  It would be great to see you.


07/13/17 02:36 PM #89    


Peggy Hinckley (McKenzie)

So sorry to hear about Susie  my thoughts and prayers to her family 

07/14/17 11:49 AM #90    

Karen Baumgarten (Sher)

Thank you, David. smiley

07/14/17 12:19 PM #91    

Christopher Anderson

Thanks David for sharing the news of our classmate Susanne V. Hassell.

I am glad to have this site to stay abreast of at least some class news.

Regretfully, I wil not be able to attend the Sept. 17 get together. Jumping back from Spain only happens periodically.

It is interesting to see where life has taken us all.  Memorials are but short summaries of a life and each life deserves to be lovingly presented as a 'book' to be enjoyed, learned from, admired, preserved as an ongoing legacy.

I join with friends who coninue to offer Hope, in remembering and celebrating this life of our classmate--well lived, confident in her hope, continuing to proclaim the incredible love of her Lord and life giving Savior.  As a fellow classmate, I am very thankful to be able to read a little about Susanne's life.  It deserves to be a book smiley

07/31/17 01:46 PM #92    


David Wolfson (Wolfson)

Hi everyone,  


Hi everyone, 

I'm sorry to say, the Wolfson Class of '70, WILL NOT be having a 65 Birthday Get Together...due to the lack of interest. 

Of course, in the near future we may have some informal get togethers with the classes of '69, '70 and '71. Maybe we all can meet up at a restaurant/bar? We will keep you posted. 

We will now focus on our 50th reunion.  If anyone has any suggestions, please contact me.  

Thank you. 
David Wolfson


Our 65 Birthday Get Together, Sept.9, 2017 will be here in no time.  We hope it will be a good turn-out.  We would like to know who is coming and what you can bring.  Please take the survey and let us know.  It's very simple to do.   

First, you must log-in to this website  The key words here are, you must log-in...because you can go to the survey and see it and even answer it, but if you are not logged in, we won't see it.  For those in class of 69 and 71, please go to our FB page, samuel w. wolfson class of '70 and let us know if you are coming.

Second, go to the Menu or Navigation page on the left  It's where you see Home PageClassmate Profiles, 40 Year Reunion Pics, etc..

Third, scroll down this page and click-on Get Together Sept. 9, 2017

Fourth, answer the questions in the survey by checking the yes or no or maybe boxes, and then at the bottom, click-on Submit  

Fifth, you can sign up for what covered dish to bring...go back to the Home Page  and in Announcements  click on   https//   Create a sign-in and choose what you want to bring.

Again, here are the details for the party...

The 65 Year Birthday Get Together.  

Date:  September 9, 2017 (rain date Sept. 10, 2017)  

Time:  4PM to 9PM  

Place:  The backyard of the most generous Janet Jones (Scott) and Allen Scott...CR 13S and 214.  

Sounds:  Courtesy of, all the way from Murfreesboro, TN.,  Robert (Bob) McClung, III

Here are some of the particulars:  For this party we are requesting you BYOB and a covered dish.  We need to know who will come and who can help with set up and clean up and who is bringing what dish.  Please let me know here on this website or on our Facebook page.

Very Important:  If you know of anyone who may not be getting this message, please contact them and let them know about this 65 Year Birthday Get Together.  Better yet, have them go to and sign up and do the survey.  Or again, contact us on our FB page. 

Warning:  Since anyone can go on and view our FB page, for obvious reasons, the "details"  of this party will not be posted there.  

This should be a great party!  I hope to see you there.  

All the best.  

David Wolfson



08/01/17 03:49 PM #93    

Susan Schuster (Ford)

Greetings all.    Thank you, Kathy, for all your work with this site and keeping us aware of our classmates.  Your efforts are much appreciated.

Sorry I won't be able to make the September birthday party.  Sounds like too much fun.   My Jax trips are usually short and filled with family. 

I'm glad to see so many of our classmates doing so well and looking so great.  If yall are ever out in San Clemente, Ca, please stop by.

Have fun.  Susan Schuster Ford



08/01/17 11:18 PM #94    

Lillian Bird (Sims)

Hello Janet and classmates,  Regretfully I will be out of town on September 9th.  I was looking forward to helping out.  Maybe next time.  Y'all have a great time. Lillian

08/05/17 07:42 AM #95    

Morris Foor

So sorry to hear that the '65' get together is off. I was planning to make it and like many (I am sure) had not yet responded to the official request. I, like many of you, would have been there regardless of the turnout. Perhaps someone else can run with it and keep the event as scheduled. I live 5 hrs away so cannot simply meet on a last minute informal 'bar' event. 




08/06/17 01:14 PM #96    

Roberta Massengale (Davis)

So sorry that I didn't respond in time.  If the event is rescheduled, please count me in.

Roberta Massengale Davcis

08/07/17 12:00 AM #97    


Lee Popwell

I too had not responded and had planned to come and bring fried chicken from the Colonel, he does it so much better than I!

Is there a chance it will go off as planned, we are coming down this weekend anyway to stay at our place at Ja Bch and had looked forward to Sat in Mandarin........................any chance?

Lee for Elizabeth and I both

10/02/17 10:09 AM #98    

Gwendolyn Butler

What happened with the '17 Homecoming Game?

(Terry Parker)

Was the plan to 'attend as  Class of 1970' canceled?

10/03/17 11:20 AM #99    


David Wolfson (Wolfson)

For the cancellation of the Sept 2017 Get Together, my apologies to everyone who was thinking of coming. Since our 50th reunion isn't for another 2 & !/2 years, I hope we can have a party in 2018.  I will keep you posted.  

10/25/17 08:57 PM #100    

Gwendolyn Butler

Hello Classmates!


It saddens me deeply to announce the passing of Eunice Badger (Austin-Hankerson).

She passed away Sunday, October 22nd.  


Her wake is Friday, October 27, at the Southside Chapel of Sarah Carter's Funeral Home.



Funeral Services will be held Saturday, October 28 at the Joshua Christian Faith Center

                                                                                               924 St. Clair Street

                                                                                           Jacksonville, FL 32254



10/26/17 06:39 PM #101    

Robert (Weasel) Jones

Eunice will be gravelly missed. I am truly happy she had an opportunity to visit with me and my family in Seattle few years ago.

Rest In Peace my dear friend.

With loving memories from Robert (Weasel) Jones and family Seattle Washington 




10/27/17 08:17 PM #102    

Thomas Cowan

Patty and I have been lucky to be neighbors with Eunice for the last 12 years. We built our house down in the Hammock, just south of Marineland, and Eunice lived a few doors down. She was a delightful person, and was well known in the area. She moved into Hammock Dunes about a year ago, but kept her house down the street.  Every time her good friend Robert Walker would visit from California, she would invite me down to see him. She loved to tell stories of the old days when they were growing up together. She loved the Walker brothers, and would always say that "they were all so handsome". Robert still is!! I know he will miss his lifelong friend!

I just saw Eunice a couple weeks ago in our local Publix. Everyone in the store knew her. Every time she would spot me in the store, she would yell across the store, "Hey little Tommy!" . I would turn red every time. I will miss you, Eunice. Rest in peace, my dear friend. 

Tom and Patty Cowan

10/28/17 12:41 PM #103    


David Wolfson (Wolfson)

Sadly, I hadn't kept up with Eunice.  From what I remember, she was never one to shy away from speaking her mind...and never without a smile.  My thoughts and prayers are with her and her loved ones.

05/09/18 12:25 PM #104    


David Wolfson (Wolfson) we go....

All those who wish to be on the 50th Reunion committee, let's get together next week. Would Monday, May 14, or Tuesday, May 15 be good for everyone? You can come to my house at Jax Bch. I figure around 7PM.

If Jax Bch is too far for you, then someone can volunteer their house near where most of you live.

Remember, this is just the beginning of our planning. So, I'm sure there will be lots of room for others to join this committee.

Let me know what you think.

David Wolfson

06/16/19 07:31 PM #105    


David Wolfson (Wolfson)

Lee Popwell wrote the following about the Masters Golf Tournament.  Lucky for us, the Masters won't interfere with our 50th because it is in April.  --David Wolfson--

Love the week of the Masters, a special time for all golfers. 

Had the privilege of being asked and enjoying the week there some years ago when Peter Jacobson, a patient and now and announcer for the tour, got the PGA to allow me to set up a table in the locker room and treat players that week....what a special thing for a chiropractor who loves golf.

Every year since I realize just how special that was....Bernard Langer was the most interesting and kind Christian believer I ever met on tour, I see he made the cut again this year, two time winner there!



06/26/19 11:30 PM #106    


Lee Popwell

Is that David Wolfson's picture or is that one of his older sons!!!!!!!!!!

You look good my man!


06/27/19 04:03 PM #107    


David Wolfson (Wolfson)

Haha, thanks, Lee.

I gotta tell you, though, the competition is fierce keeping up with you, my friend!   

I love the picture of you and your wife on the beach...enjoying it like we did in HS! 


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